acne on the face: causes of appearance

  • 4 November 2021
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Acne and pimples are one of the most common skin diseases. Acne and pimples have become a problem for many people, especially young people. Although acne is considered a disease of adolescence, it can manifest itself in all age groups. To solve the problem, it is necessary to study the causes of acne.

We learned the views of cosmetologist Pakiza Abbasova on the causes of acne. He elaborated on the cause of acne:


Facial wrinkles are primarily caused by improper skin care. In addition, this problem may be related to the age limit. It is observed that in young people between the ages of 10-15, the process of acne on the face is completed more regularly. Because at that time the hormonal status in the body changes. Excessive loss of the hormone testosterone results in an increase in facial fat. In general, most problems are usually caused by processes in the body. However, we can still experience these problems in people with hormonal status and in adulthood. The reason is that the problem is genetic. That is, at least one of the patient's parents has experienced this problem before. It has already been proven that acne is genetic. That is, the endocrine system may not be the cause of the problem. Another reason is that the skin is very oily or lacks proper care. A pimple that is not properly compressed can result in the spread of a bacteriological environment on the face. Another reason for the appearance of acne on the face is not following the rules of hygiene. For example, skin care products in salons or other places are not completely cleaned, and therefore the transfer of bacteria from one person to another causes the problem of acne.


In the case of acne, attention is paid to the analysis and age of the patient. By interfering with the facial area of ​​patients aged 10-15 years, these pimples are tried to dry out. For this purpose, face masks and therapeutic creams are used. Because these pimples are temporary. If the analysis reveals that the patient has serious problems, then it is necessary to consult a specialist who will solve this problem, not a cosmetologist. For example, if it is a gynecological problem, then the cosmetologist and gynecologist should work in parallel. First, the internal problem is solved, then the cosmetologist prescribes treatment. Acne can also be caused by stress. This stress raises the balance of certain hormones. In this case, the source of stress must be identified and eliminated. In this case, it is necessary to take light treatments and calm the nervous system. Only then are certain treatments prescribed.