Causes of air conditioners failure

  • 15 November 2021
  • 148

Today, many people spend most of their lives indoors. Air conditioning is considered necessary for these people to provide comfortable living conditions. Therefore, air conditioners are used in all areas, from residential to work. Nowadays, the availability of air conditioners is becoming more and more important.

One of the most interesting questions when using an air conditioner is what to do to prevent the air conditioner from breaking down. We appealed to Ramil Mammadzadeh, a home appliance repairman. He drew attention to the technical inspection and installation of the air conditioner:

"The air conditioner should be inspected once a year. It is necessary to control its cleanliness and gas. The person who installs the air conditioner also plays a big role. Because when you install the air conditioner, you have to adjust the connections so that there are no leaks in the air conditioner. ”