Change weather can make us depressed?

  • 10 November 2021
  • 126

The Bureau of Hydrometeorological Forecasts of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources does not rule out a sharp change in weather conditions from today. Sudden changes in the weather affect people who are sensitive to changes in hydrometeorological processes in different ways. appealed to psychologist Tahmasib Javadzadeh in this regard. According to him, the depression caused by the weather depends on one's own thinking:

"Sometimes in summer, the temperature is hot, but it's gloomy. These people also feel depressed in that weather. This is not true depression. Because we can't call ourselves depressed every time we feel weak. Depression occurs when we do not want to meet our daily needs. This process should take at least 2 weeks longer. People affected by extreme weather events cannot be considered depressed if they continue their daily lives. ”