Organization of SMM for new businesses

  • 22 November 2021
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Especially in the digital world, it is important to reach users on social media, communicate with the target audience, get feedback, increase brand awareness and follow competitors.

But Social Media Marketing (SMM) is as much a material field as it is important. For this reason, there are some difficulties in determining the budget for new enterprises in this area.

"Whether new entrepreneurs start SMMs professionally or unprofessionally varies depending on the sector, investment, and potential customer base."

This statement was made by marketer Orkhan Salmanov in an interview with our website about the organization of SMM work for new enterprises.

According to him, the businessman spends his time dealing with SMM:

"Starting a business does not mean that all the work of the enterprise should be carried out by the person who started the business. When setting up a business, a budget should be allocated to the marketing department. For this reason, it is necessary to appoint a "freelancer" in accordance with the budget or to appoint an employee from within the enterprise.

The businessman must have marketing knowledge. With this marketing knowledge, it must be decided whether the budget should be allocated to SMM or advertising. ”