Secrets of photography

  • 23 November 2021
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While some people pursue photography as a hobby, most are interested in making money. Today, the number of people interested in photography continues to grow rapidly.

According to photographer Muzaffar Ismayilov, who gave an interview to our website about those who want to start photography, those who take the first steps in photography should not start their activities with the latest model of camera:

"When you start photography with a new camera, which is quite expensive, you don't get into a difficult situation and get used to it. After that, the photographer's only activity is to press a button on the camera. It is true that expensive devices play a significant role in creating good images. But because they perform so many functions, photographers are reassured. Photographers are developing themselves in order to work better with mid-range cameras. A person who develops himself, when he moves to an easier situation, does better things. ”

M. Ismayilov advised those who want to become a photographer to learn Photoshop:

"Even when it comes to quality work, sometimes there is less light, sometimes the colors fade, and so on. The photographer must fill in these gaps with Photoshop. It is impossible to create quality work with the push of a button.

In short, you need to learn to use Photoshop software and camera equipment, and then start photography. ”