Sounds from the fridge

  • 13 December 2021
  • 153

Although they vary in size, refrigerators are used in residential or workplaces, and even in private vehicles. However, as a result of intensive or improper use, refrigerators can malfunction. The most common problem is the extra noise coming from the refrigerator.
"If additional noise is generated in defrost refrigerators, it may be caused by the refrigerator's engine or system."
This statement was made by Javanshir Babayev, a master of home appliances repair, in an interview with our website about the additional noise in the refrigerators. According to him, in no-frost refrigerators, we can show the fan as the cause of the noise:
“Refrigerators have an ice defrost system. This system prevents the formation of ice on the back of the surface of the refrigerator. When the refrigerator is not used properly, the ice does not melt and touches the fan. This is the reason for your voice. The reasons why ice does not melt are different. An example of this is the heater, the oil pressure gauge. Verification is needed for a specific reason. If such a problem arises, it is necessary to consult a professional to solve it. This is because the user may damage other working parts of the refrigerator while repairing it. ”