Used boilers recommended?

  • 3 November 2021
  • 139

Combi is a device that provides comfort by meeting the heating and hot water needs of your apartment or workplace. It is possible to heat your apartment, workplace or provide hot water in any weather conditions through the combined system.

With the beginning of the autumn-winter season, the demand for heating systems has increased. But for some users, combi prices do not appeal to budgets. In this case, people turn to previously used boilers. Are used boilers recommended?

To find out the answer to this question, we turned to the combi master Nadim Ramazanov. He likened the process to buying a "second-hand" car, noting that it is advisable to buy a used car with the advice of a master:

"Based on my experience, I can say that in 80% of cases, those who sell the product do not provide complete and complete information. In most cases, they do not express some negative features and problems in order to sell the product. This is a lie. Then they make an excuse that all the details worked when they sold the product to you. But when this process is regulated under the supervision of a master, such issues are prevented. ”