Which cosmetics are harmful?

  • 7 December 2021
  • 139

Most women wear makeup to look beautiful and feel good, and they love makeup. However, due to the chemicals in cosmetics used for beauty, it can have a negative impact on both the beauty and health of women. Today, thousands of cosmetic products made from the simplest materials are sold very cheaply. Most women use products that are produced without a license and have not passed a health inspection. 

It can be difficult to find out which cosmetics are good for women and which are not. In this regard, ALSAT.az appealed to makeup artist Afag Alakbar. He advised to use branded cosmetics:

"When buying cosmetics, you need to use branded products. Because all brand products, regardless of price, are made in factories. In addition, these products undergo certain tests and trials. But some expensive brands are made in localization (by-products). These cosmetics are dangerous. It is better to buy a cheap brand than to buy these cosmetics. Because in this case, you will know that you get a product that is manufactured in the factory and successfully passes the test. ”