Slimming cream - "Compliment" (Seaweed)


Slimming cream - "Compliment" (Seaweed)

Algal wrapping procedures, due to the main ingredients, have a complex effect on problem areas. Thanks to the cryo-effect, there is an intensive interaction of the components and a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Then the skin is tightened, becomes elastic, soft and smooth. The caffeine content helps to improve blood circulation, get rid of excess fluid and salt, and increase skin turgor. The Planta Fluid anti-cellulite complex based on 8 plant extracts stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens skin microcapillaries, helps to lose weight and prevent cellulite.

How to use: Apply the product in a thick layer on dry, cleansed skin, evenly distributing it over the entire body.

Specifitations of Slimming cream - "Compliment" (Seaweed)

475 ml

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