Hand cream and mask - "Compliment" (Silk skin)


Hand cream and mask - "Compliment" (Silk skin)

A cream mask with a high content of natural oils and plant extracts perfectly nourishes and saturates the skin with vitamins, suitable for daily use. Wheat germ oil nourishes and softens the skin, increases its elasticity and firmness, helps to smooth wrinkles. Phytosterols and vitamin E in the oil prevent premature skin aging associated with age-related changes or excessive exposure to UV rays. Hyaluron penetrates deep into the skin, provides both external and internal hydration. Promotes cell regeneration, improves their nutrition, smoothes and makes the skin more tender and soft. Arginine amino acid supplements and enhances the effect of the oil, retains moisture, improves blood microcirculation in capillaries and ensures the delivery of nutrients to skin cells. Ivan tea and rose hips slow down the aging process of cells and improve cell metabolism, trace elements contained in the fruit and vitamin C - stimulate collagen synthesis, vitamin E - helps to moisturize the skin, saturate it with oxygen, proretinol A - protects the skin from UV radiation and has an effect on her brightening effect.

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