Conditioning balm for hair growth - "Compliment" (Селен+)


Conditioning balm for hair growth - "Compliment" (Селен+)

Specialized Conditioning Balm designed as an additional stimulation of hair growth, nutrition and restoration. The product stimulates the metabolism in the scalp cells, strengthens the hair follicles, reducing the amount of lost hair, nourishes the hair, making it healthier and more voluminous. The active components of the Baicapil complex (Spain), which are contained in the main composition of the product, normalize the life cycle of hair follicles, increasing the thickness and number of hairs in the growth stage, enhance metabolic processes, and restore the structure.

Specifitations of Conditioning balm for hair growth - "Compliment" (Селен+)

The volume of the container
200 ml

Birkart Taksit

Monthly payment
2 ay
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3 ay
{{ Number(active_product.actual_price/3).toFixed(2) }} AZN
6 ay
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