Hair growth activation serum - "Compliment" (Селен+)


Hair growth activation serum - "Compliment" (Селен+)

A nourishing leave-in serum stimulates the production of keratin, which is essential for normal growth and strengthening of the internal structure of the hair, making it strong, shiny and elastic.
The product enhances blood circulation, contributing to better nourishment of the hair, due to the content of D-Panthenol, it acts as a moisturizing agent. The base of the Serum is the patented complex Baicapil (Spain), its active components stimulate the cellular metabolism of the scalp and contribute to the saturation of tissues with oxygen. The complex helps to normalize the life cycle of hair follicles, increasing the thickness and number of hair in the growth stage, enhances metabolic processes and restores the structure.

Specifitations of Hair growth activation serum - "Compliment" (Селен+)

150 ml

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