Low prices

As, our main goal is not only to offer high quality and wide range of products, but also to offer them at the lowest prices. So our content team is constantly researching the market, researching the real market value of the products we sell and trying to offer them to our customers at the best price. If you see products on our site cheaper than us, be sure to let us know, we will reconsider our pricing strategy and offer you a better price.


The customer has the opportunity to choose directly how fast the product will be delivered. By choosing the type of express delivery, we can deliver the product to your address within Baku within a maximum of 4 hours. delivers its products not only within Baku, but throughout the country, and all over the world. That is why our company has a very comprehensive logistics plan. As a result of this plan, a minimum purchase amount is set for the area where you are located, and all orders placed on this amount are delivered to your doorstep free of charge. To find out the amount in question, contact us and our staff will provide you with more detailed information.


You can order products on our site in several different forms: via debit and credit (installment) bank cards on the site, as well as debit and credit (installment) bank cards and cash directly at your door. Since sells its products not only in cash, but also by online payment (VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, etc.) - with bank cards, it pays very serious attention to security issues within the site. As a result, our site has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that protects all types of payment cards from external attacks and money laundering. You can get acquainted with this certificate by clicking on the lock icon in front of the name of our site in the link section of your browser. If you still have an issue that remains unclear, please contact us and our staff will provide you with more information.


Unlike all other competitors in the market, provides a full official guarantee for all types of products it sells. This warranty period is different for each category on our site. You can find the warranty period on the product specifications page. Contact us for more information and our staff will provide you with more information.